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Likes:rock n roll, fashion, classic movies, and shopping
Dislikes:meat, most new movies, most new music, spanish many more
Favorite Designers:John Galliano for Dior

Favorite stores to shop in (list at least 5):Bebe, Jasmine Sola, Nordstrom, Bloomies,and Sephora
Whats your style?A mixture of a lot of things but I wear it well
Favorite outfit?(pics)
Favorite designer brand?
Favorite accessory?My grandmothers ring
Favorite brand of makeup?Dior and Lancome
The one accesory/item of clothing/makeup you wish you could have:Pretty much any Chanel bag but I can't have one until I'm 15
How many times do you go shopping a month?I dont really count..Atleast 5 times
How much makeup do you wear?An average amount
How old were you when you started wearing makeup?11
Your favorite way to wear your hair?straight
Best Lipgloss?Lancome Juicy Tubes
Favorite shampoo? whatever my mom buys I dont care
Favorite brand of shoes? dior..not that I have many dior shoes lol
Favorite perfume? Chanel no5
Own any designer bags? Designer bags=my love
Fashion wise, do you tend to follow the crowd and wear whats "in" or are you original?Both..I wear what I want
What designer do you think is most overused?Louis Vuitton
What do you think will be the next trend?I've been seeing a lot of Burberry shoes..but maybe thats just my school
What do you think was the stupidest trend?uggs
A typical friday night for you includes:Hanging out with my friends and watching a movie or going to a party

Tell us how you feel about the following and whether or not you own anything from them.
• Gucci?
None yet.  My sisters the Gucci girl in the family.
• Chanel?makeup, earrings, jacket, scarf,sunglasses
• Dior?bags, makeup, necklace, shoes,sunglasses
• Dooney & Bourke?wristlet
• Louis Vuitton?pochette(sitting lonely at the beach house in nj)
• Abercrombie?not my style
• Dolce & Gabbana?panties and sunglasses
• Betsey Johnson?I love her stuff.  I don't have any yet though but I really want these shoes by her.
• Fendi?2 bags..I dont like fendi that seems too old for me
• Prada?Not really my style.  Even with all the money I spend on stuff  I just cant bring myself to spend 200+ on nylon bags
• Diesel?pants
• Hollister?I hate that store.  It's too trendy.
• Burberry?I used to find it kind of boring but now I really like it.  I dont have anything by them yet.
• Juicy Couture?shirts and a skirt and bracelet
• BCBG?shirts and a dress
• 7 for all Mankind?jeans..a lot
• Von Dutch?some hats and a shirt..I don't wear them anymore though
• Marc Jacobs?a shirt
• Coach?wristlet, backpack, bookmark, glasses, shoes
• Versace?perfume
• Manolo Blahnik?I wish.  I might be getting a pair for my birthday..atleast I hope.
• Ralph Lauren?shoes and a shirt
• Hot Topic?This will probably get me no's but I have bought Band shirts there because they actually have bands that I like.
• Kate Spade?I was never really into that stuff
• Lacoste?a shirt..but I dont like it very much..not my style
• Theory?A jacket thing.  I had to wear it to a party.
• American Eagle?Gym shorts.
• Citizens of Humanity?
• Any others?James Perse, Trunk Ltd, Paper Denim..

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Money my dad gave me for chanel earrings
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I'm in the community </a></a>fashion_p0lice and I noticed that your application is very similar to theirs.  At first I thought maybe it was a coincidence..but a lot of the questions are word for word

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