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its getting haute in here so show us all your clothes [entries|friends|calendar]
for only the best dressed

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[March 28th, 2005]

Hey this is Emmi (rocknrolldevil)
New lj. Add me if you want.
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[March 24th, 2005]

just a reminder: we need to get applications in! and keep promoting, but dont be annoying lol
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[March 19th, 2005]

Galliano gives me a DiorgasmCollapse )
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[March 12th, 2005]

saw her on style so i looked her up... love her collection

monique lhuillierCollapse )
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[March 9th, 2005]

please stop spamming journals. i understand you are promoting, but not in people's journals or communities that dont allow it. thanks.
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[March 9th, 2005]

i'm not into rating communities, i am bored though. looking for an excuse to procrastinate.

i'm diorable!Collapse )
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[March 6th, 2005]

welcome to xclusivcouture, the community for the couture obsessed!
read the rules, do the application, and join so we can start the rating!
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