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in filthy garments, standing before the angel

i'm not into rating communities, i am bored though. looking for an excuse to procrastinate.

Age: 26/ my birthday was a few days ago and i feel really old, so no need to rub it in, thanks.
Location: hollywood, ca
Status: living with my lover

Likes: acting, fashion, swimming, shopping, films, road trips, traveling, reading, the beach, cooking, photography, painting, decorating, snow, mountains, new gadgets, etc.

Dislikes: relying on people, stupidity, arrogance (i see right through it. most times it's not amusing)

Favorite Designers: i love what marc jacobs has been doing with louis vuitton the past 4 seasons, lanvin, chanel, proenza-schouler, sophia koksalaki, lucien pellat finet, libertine, vivienne westwood, agent provocateur for lingerie (also la perla and cosabella), christian louboutin, michele perry, and alexander mcqueen for shoes, frost french, matthew williamson, anna sui, etc. etc.

Favorite stores to shop in (list at least 5): barneys, bergdorf goodman, saks, this little consignment store in nyc that i can't tell you the name of because they'd kill me, south coast plaza- i hit everything from dior to hermes.

Whats your style? jane eyre or sherlock holmes as if they were molested by johnny rotten. i enjoy regal (victorian, whimsical, couture detail and craftsmanship) clothing with a twist of humour, parisianne sensibility, and punk cuts and accents.

Favorite outfit?(pics)

Favorite designer brand? that's terribly hard. louis vuitton runway for shoes and accessories, michele perry, cesare paciotti and lanvin for just shoes, lanvin for jewlery, chanel for jewlery, chanel for jackets, marc jacobs for coats, lucien pellat finet for sweaters, yves st. laurent, etc.

Favorite accessory? my chanel reading glasses makes wearing glasses fun, i love my black tulle lanvin necklace, of course i also love my couture vuitton shoes and my bag collection.

Favorite brand of makeup? cle de peau. their skin products and makeup are amazing. i also like chanel for makeup brushes and their color range in eyeshadows, and eyeliner.

The one accesory/item of clothing/makeup you wish you could have: i'd like a frothy chanel chiffon and tulle couture dress.

How many times do you go shopping a month? probably four times

How much makeup do you wear? sometimes none. i let my skin breathe and get facials and wear creams, wearing only lipstick, other times i will wear cle de peau concealer to even out skin tone and conceal a bit of freckle, a bit of blush, smokey liner and eyeshadow, sometimes really dramatic eye makeup, but no lipstick or just a pale color.

How old were you when you started wearing makeup? maybe 15

Your favorite way to wear your hair? up in a chignon or a messy bun or ponytail.

Best Lipgloss? cle de peau

Favorite shampoo? i like frederick fekkai for glossy shine

Favorite brand of shoes? hard choice. vuitton couture, lanvin, cesare paciotti, chanel, christian louboutin, michele perry, manolo blahnik, alexander mcqueen, etc.

Favorite perfume? hermes "eau des merveilles", hermes 24 faubourg, prada

Own any designer bags? yes, i collect bags and shoes like mad. i recently moved into a new apartment, so my computer at home isn't hooked up to the net and i can't upload pictures of them. i ahve a $1,000 camera that i don't do very much with because of that. anyway, i have the new black chanel tweed bag with the metal handle and dangling cc's, i have a vuitton black murakami speedy, an lv cherry mini monogram josephine, a beige leather chanel bag, a black chanel bag with black metal handles, an lv monogram papillon, a vivienne westwood bag from the safari collection, 2 prada bags, and i'm thinking about getting a goyard bag.

Fashion wise, do you tend to follow the crowd and wear whats "in" or are you original? of course i keep my pulse on the times. its fun to be fresh and interesting, but of course, the stuff you spend the 4 or 5 figures on and the stuff that will last forever and shows who you are has to be original.

What designer do you think is most overused? well, i think louis vuitton is the most counterfitted and that's such a shame.

Underused? matthew williamson

What do you think will be the next trend? poets and witches

What do you think was the stupidest trend? cargo pants with stilletos.

A typical friday night for you includes: therapy with my shrink and then dining out somewhere or going furniture shopping, as of late.

Tell us how you feel about the following and whether or not you own anything from them.
• Gucci?- a few cute pieces here and there, but nothing spectacular since Tom Ford's gothic collection for F/W 2003. (one of my most treasured pieces is that gucci rosary necklace i bought and the gucci ballerina shoes with grosgrain ribbon wrapping)
• Chanel? yes- a classic. again, i could never have a shopping spree in there because not everything suits my taste, but i'll always find at least 2 pairs of shoes, bags, and outfits i love. plus the accessories like belts and necklaces- i can find at least something per season to fall in love with.
• Dior?- only dior couture. the rest is shit. sometimes the jewlery is cute. the fine jewlery is beautiful.
• Dooney & Bourke? yuck.
• Louis Vuitton? for the past 4 seasons i've been creaming my pants and going into debt.
• Abercrombie? nope
• Dolce & Gabbana? ehh..rare
• Betsey Johnson? cheap floozy. i used to like her stuff when i was 14.
• Fendi? fendi fur is luxury. i like fendi, but again, only couture, and fur.
• Prada? yes, although not as much as i used to.
• Diesel? yes
• Hollister? huh
• Burberry? prorsum, yes
• Juicy Couture? on occassion. i like the cashmere
• BCBG? not really
• 7 for all Mankind? yes
• Von Dutch? nope
• Marc Jacobs? a few pieces, mainly his coats and the cuts of his skirts. but otherwise, not really.
• Coach? coach makes me wince. i just do not like it or own anything by coach.
• Versace? the evening dresses are hot.
• Manolo Blahnik? yes, the most comfortable stilleto in the world.
• Ralph Lauren? the black label, yes. gorgeous.
• Hot Topic? no.
• Kate Spade? i have a pair of kate spade kitten heels, but otherwise, no.
• Lacoste? sure, for sporty items.
• Theory? not my cup of tea
• American Eagle? nope
• Citizens of Humanity? nope
• Any others? see above.

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i found some random pictures uploaded that have some of the stuff i was talking about, plus, i have REALLY excellent taste.

my ysl booties & vuitton knee-hi's

(definetely not all my shoes)

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you do have good taste i vote yes.
+matthew Williamson
+ amazing shoe colection
+ style answer, i love jane eyre
- you dont seem to want to be in the comm. that much
but still everything else is good, so yes
agreed on yes. great collection!